It's never been more relevant to start an online business or add to your offline business by unleashing the power of the internet. Martin Lewis of TV, writer and Money Saving Expert Fame is a prime example of what can be achieved with the internet in a short space of time. He started the website with around £100, 10 years ago and just sold out for a whopping £87 MILLION POUNDS!! SO you can see he harnessed the power of the worldwide web, found his niche and built his reputation as the people’s champion of saving or making money! Since I started my website in 2007 with just £35, I have been able to generate around £60,000 on a part time basis. During this time I have discovered the best ways to use the internet and also domain names to get fantastic SEO (search engine optimisation) and to become easily searchable in my niche. 

So to get started on your way, you can sign up to our newsletter to find small bite sized chunks of how to get started with the internet in your business. Plus all of this is FREE! Set your sights on online success and team up with me at Halcyon Capital to generate income online now and in the future. This week so far I have generated £167 and haven't even left the house plus there was also two bank holidays in the UK. That's what this can be like for your business too! Just sign up to the newsletter  here.

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    Why should you trust me? Well, I have vast experience of work in small businesses as an employee as well as large corporate. I am the founder of several small businesses and have spent the past 7 years perfecting ways of using the internet to generate income. My last major employed role with a corporate business was as a business bank manager where I had the opportunity to look over the shoulder of several business owners and see what worked and what didn’t work in their business. I am also a qualified financial adviser and an award winning photographer!  I have collated all of this information into this eBook with a view to helping your business now and in the future. I can safely say that using these techniques and understanding your business better, together with power of the internet, you will be able to look forward to an abundance of customers and no longer worrying about where the next bit of income I coming from!


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