One thing that drives me insane with small businesses when they create marketing documents, websites or on their facebook pages and use absolutely shocking images! Why???? Good photography is Good Marketing and Good PR. You MUST have a great photo of yourself, your business premises and your products. Without good images your website will look unprofessional and may not show your products in their best light. I run a photography business alongside my business mentoring and find that most of my business clients are happy to use poor imagery. When I talk to them and tell them about specific examples of when good imagery has got clients to move forward they start to think seriously about it. 

Good digital images shouldn't cost a great deal from a professional photographer and when you weigh up the cost of poor imagery, poor business image and your website not looking its Sunday best, then you NEED to make THAT investment. I recently photographed two young men for images they required to go into the Spotlight magazine. For those not familiar with Spotlight it is for budding actors/actresses and film stars! Well a few minutes and some very SIMPLE & BASIC images, got one of them a part in a film! Now I'm not suggesting this is how it works every time, but to get business or get the 'part' you must absolutely have great images on your website and marketing materials. I can show you hundreds of poor images and website (including those of photographers!) which should not happen at all in the current 'digital age'.

 If you need help or advice on your imagery, please feel free to contact me!

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    Why should you trust me? Well, I have vast experience of work in small businesses as an employee as well as large corporate. I am the founder of several small businesses and have spent the past 7 years perfecting ways of using the internet to generate income. My last major employed role with a corporate business was as a business bank manager where I had the opportunity to look over the shoulder of several business owners and see what worked and what didn’t work in their business. I am also a qualified financial adviser and an award winning photographer!  I have collated all of this information into this eBook with a view to helping your business now and in the future. I can safely say that using these techniques and understanding your business better, together with power of the internet, you will be able to look forward to an abundance of customers and no longer worrying about where the next bit of income I coming from!


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