I just wanted to share this story with you as it highlights what is going on in the internet right now. There are so many scams and people wanting to take money off you but not giving you anything of value in return. Which is why I am happy to share my internet for business tips with you. The thing is this, making money on the internet is fairly straightforward and easy when you know how. I have been doing this since 2006 and using my first site that cost me the equivalent of $54 USD or £35 and I have generated around £60,000 or $93,167 part-time!! I do the work once and then let the internet work its magic! I do actually do work to generate the income so be prepared for SOME work!

This story is absolutely true and shows what can happen if you don't have the right help. Recently a friend of mine desperately wanted to get involved in internet selling / marketing or with an internet business having told him my story of how when I have done the work, the internet is my 24/7 shop, which when I get up some mornings has taken hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds. I genuinely would have helped him, however, little did I know he had already become involved without taking advice from anyone. The story goes like this. This guy was desperate to move his life forward and as such was in dire need of income coming in having previously enjoyed a fairly high income with great regular income. It was no longer there and his income / lifestyle was changing dramatically. The issue was this. Because he became desperate to generate an internet income, he rushed into buying an off the shelf website, supposedly supported by experts! What came with this was basically all the tools to become an affiliate of Amazon!! I was shocked. In fairness, the website he purchased was easy to turn it into a professional looking website very quickly with the tools it offered in the back office. The sum total of the cost of this site was.....WAIT FOR IT!! $6,000 dollars. This included some training thrown in but basically to become an affiliate for Amazon and a domain name. He developed the site for it to look absolutely superb, however, when I chatted to him, he even had the realisation, ‘why would someone come to me when they can go straight to Amazon? I knew this but I couldn’t do anything about it as he had already paid and set up his site. Whilst there is money to be made in affiliate schemes like this, his whole business was reliant on people buying through Amazon. 

I therefore,then began to teach him other methods to generate income and also to look at traffic sources. The only problem being was that with Google, he was unable to add adwords to generate traffic to a website solely promoting affiliates! Adsense didn’t really work that well and that just left him with the Amazon scheme. The other mistake he made was becoming an affiliate in the US when he was based in the UK. He knew nothing at all about the US market. I guess he probably fancied in his later years moving to the US or something. The whole point is that it’s a world wide web allowing you to work anywhere in the world nowadays on the internet, but you need to understand your market!! You have to be absolutely clear about the market you are going into and also be sure you understand the areas you are trying to sell into. This is why I have now started a business for internet e-newsletter where I can share my knowledge and experience both online and offline! I am also going to be offering mentoring on all of this for both online and offline businesses. I went from hardly any income due to a serious injury, to enjoying a great monthly income by adapting simple online and offline strategies in my businesses. While recovering from serious injury I studied businesses, marketing and many other areas of wealth generation and internet for the business. I am now pulling it together to help you do the same. I am totally passionate about business and love to see businesses thrive and grow. This is not a get rich quick scheme, it's about giving you strategies that work both online and offline and also about offering you the opportunity for me to coach you and mentor you to get the results you desire. This is all about how to integrate your net business.
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    Why should you trust me? Well, I have vast experience of work in small businesses as an employee as well as large corporate. I am the founder of several small businesses and have spent the past 7 years perfecting ways of using the internet to generate income. My last major employed role with a corporate business was as a business bank manager where I had the opportunity to look over the shoulder of several business owners and see what worked and what didn’t work in their business. I am also a qualified financial adviser and an award winning photographer!  I have collated all of this information into this eBook with a view to helping your business now and in the future. I can safely say that using these techniques and understanding your business better, together with power of the internet, you will be able to look forward to an abundance of customers and no longer worrying about where the next bit of income I coming from!


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